YAPC::Asia 2008

The Little Javascripter: Higher-Order Javascript

Or: Higher-Order Javascript for the
Higher-Order Perl Programmer

Javascript, in Douglas Crockford's words,
"The Wrrrlds most misunderstood Language", supports functions as first-class data-types.
So does Perl (and many other contemporary high-level dynamic languages like Ruby, Python etc).

"Lisp in C's Clothing": What makes Javascript special is that while it has a C-like syntax, its support for Functional Programming is almost at par with languages like Scheme or Lisp.

The intended audience is both Perl programmers
(who have read Mark-Jason Dominus's
Higher-Order Perl) as well as as Javascript
hackers who are bored of object-oriented

This talk will also explore, build upon
and complement the existing resources on the
web that demonstrate FP techniques in Javascript:


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