YAPC::Asia 2008

From POE to Erlang

From POE to Erlang

Or, A Concurrent Perl Programmers'
journey starting from
POE (The Perl Object Environment) to Erlang.

The focus of this talk is concurrency-oriented
programming, as popularized recently by the
increasing prominence of the Functional
Programming Language, Erlang.

* A Perl programmers' best choice when
it comes to writing concurrent programs in
Perl - is, despite the new Threads support -
The POE framework.
* A birds-eye (and yet nostalgic) view of
POE, it's successes; and to those who
have never used it, demos to show how cool
it is.
* How do (Perl) threads match up? Pros and Cons
are discussed.
* Perl6 and Threads; Will the POE model still be
* A digression into Actor-model vs Djikstra
shared-state concurrency.
* Perl6 and STM (Software Transactional Memory):
a digression into STM versus the Actor Model
* An Introduction to Erlang, and the
message-passing model for concurrency.
* Erlang success stories
* Interfacing Erlang and Perl


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