YAPC::Asia 2008


Arrival Party on 5/14 evening

The conference is coming in a week and we're pretty much excited. Are you?

Some of you might have noticed by looking at Schedule page, but on the day before the conference, May 14th, we plan to host an arrival party. We'll have SoozyCon (a small tech talk community lead by Yappo and tokuhirom) as well as a few JavaScript talks which were not accepted on the main track but would be interesting.

We'll also do pre-registration and provide some snacks there. So if you're available on 14th night, you should come. If you're busy and can not make it, it's alright. This is not a mandatory event.

When: May 14th 18:00-
Where: The Centennial Hall 3rd Floor, Tokyo Institute of Technology ((3) of the Map: right past the main gate from Ookayama station)
Who: YAPC attendees (Free admission: Bring your check-in code for the pre-registration)
What: Miscellaneous tech talks, pre registration and snacks.

Actually, the room can only contain around 200 people. If all of you (500 people) come, we can't get all of you in. So it's basically first-come-first-serve. We'll make sure that you can still do pre-registration at the desk and get the badge etc. even if you come late though. Thanks for your understanding.


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