YAPC::Asia 2008


Conference Dinner

On the first day evening of the conference, we plan to have a conference dinner at the restaurant in Tokyo Institute of technology.

The dinner is sponsored by our sponsors, RECRUIT and livedoor and it's free.

Unfortunately, the restaurant can only contain 300 people, and we can't get you all of them in. We're really sorry for this, but we selected the 300 people eligible to attend to the party with the following rule:

  • If you're a speaker or a staff, you're in.
  • If you're paid and come from abroad, you're in.
  • If you're paid and come from non-Tokyo area, you're in.
  • Otherwise, we sort the list by the payment date.

So if you paid late, or haven't even paid yet, or attend to the conference as a sponsor employee or a press, the chances are that you are not able to attend to the dinner.

YAPC conference diner

You can see your current status on your private page. If there are people canceling to attend, we'll select more people from the waiting list.

Congratulations if you're selected. We're sorry if you're not, but I hope you can form another crowd to have "Yet Another YAPC party" around the venue.


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