YAPC::Asia 2009


Photos on ficia.com

We've uploaded photos from YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2009 on ficia.com, a new photo-sharing service by etolabo.com. Incidentally, three of our YAPC speakers are from etolabo.com!

You can find the pictures here: http://yapcasia2009.ficia.com. Please contact info at perlassociation.org if you have any problems with the uploaded pictures.

Slides from YAPC::Asia 2009

Thanks to our session speakers, we are now gather slides for our sessions for YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2009. From the schedule page, you can check out each session and their corresponding slides, if they are available.

To the speakers, thank you all!

YAPC::Asia was a success! Videos are being edited

Thanks for all those who came to YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2009! There were a few things we could have done better, but overall, I believe the outcome was excellent. I see a bunch of positive blog entries about it.

The videos of the sessions are currently being edited, hopefully we can do something about them by the end of September.

Meanwhile, if you haven't done so, please fill our questionnaire

Today's Lightning Talks

  • ‎Top Tens Of 2008-2009‎ 16:50 ‎
  • args.pm - a brand new argument validator 16:55 ‎
  • hacking ngnix‎ 17:00 ‎
  • Mojo / Mojolicious hookout‎ 17:05 ‎
  • Hoppyではじめよう リアルタイムweb 17:10 ‎
  • Pure Perl Open Fastladder‎ 17:15 ‎
  • CPAN realtime feed‎ 17:20
  • IRC HTTP Stream 17:25

Please fill out our questionnaire!

Please take a little time to fill out our questionnaire! http://tinyurl.com/yapcasia2009q

Today's Lightning Talks

Since I can't post on twitter, here's today's LT list:

  • Moose Hacking Guide 18:00
  • Perl で Salesforce 18:05
  • Webアプリケーションフレームワーク Mojoの紹介‎ 18:10
  • args.pm - a brand new argument validator‎ 18:15
  • 通知マニアのための im.kayac.com‎ 18:20
  • miyagawanize‎ 18:25
  • ‎nginxやlighttpdでMogileFSしてみた‎ 18:30
  • ‎Server::Starter - a superdaemon to hot-deploy server programs 18:35
  • nothingmuch 18:40

About Press Attendnce

If you are a member of the press, you are welcome to attend YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2009.

Please send an email to info at perlassociation dot org by 9/7 (JST), with the subject "Press attendance", followed by your media name, and list the company name, division and the names of the people who would like to attend (please limit the number to about 2 people per media)

You also need to bring a business card on the day of the conference. This will be your ticket to enter YAPC.

We will be reserving some seats and some power taps for press. Come and enjoy YAPC !

Booking.com and ContensOne are sponsoring

Booking.com, one of the most influential Perl shops around today, has decided to sponsor YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2009. They will also be giving a talk on 9/10 about what they do and how they use Perl. If you're interested in working with a major Perl shop abroad, you might want to check them out.

Also, ContentsOne, who I met at LLTV, has graciously offered to sponsor us as well. They might give you non-Perl novelties, but don't be rude ;)

Lunch At YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2009

Since there aren't that many places to eat around the YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2009 venue, we will be providing a light lunch (sandwiches) for both 9/10 and 9/11, free of charge.

We have vegetarian sandwiches, too!

Jose Castro's "Introduction To Perl Best Practices" has been added

A new session, "Introduction To Perl Best Practices" has been added.

9/10 YAPC Dinner

We will be having a YAPC dinner at the Titech Cafeteria on 9/10.

We will be serving beer, wine, soft drinks, and various food (vegetarian food, too). Speakers and listeners are all welcome to join! This is an excellent chance to meet the speakers, introduce yourself to the companies using perl, and generally get to know cool Perl people.

It will cost 2000 yen to attend. Please pay upfront when you check-in.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Check-in Procedures

For YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2009, we will not be issuing paper tickets, however, you will have to bring a printed version of your personal page.

To get your QR code, login to our site, and check out the menu page. If you've already paid, you should see a box with a QR code.

Please print this page, and bring it to the conference. We will be scanning the QR code to identify that you've properly registered, and will hand you your name card and other assorted goodies. If you don't bring your QR code, we may not be able to verify your attendance, so PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO BRING YOUR QR CODE !

Pre-YAPC Event Talks Have Been Announced

Talks that will be presented at the pre-YAPC event, hosted by Yokohama.pm, have been announced.

amachang, the Javascript / C++ / et al wizard will be talking, and there will be more talks by various people.

As noted before, there will be drinks and some light snack during the session. It's a stress free event, and you get to do an early check-in for YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2009. Come join us!

Additional Tickets On Sale on 8/21 <s>10:00</s> 12:00 (JST)

Additional tickets will be on sale starting 8/21 10:00 JST. Don't miss your chance!

YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2009 T-Shirts!

There's going to be YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2009 T shirts! The supply will be very limited, so you better grab yours when you get there :)

Articles on YAPC::Asia 2009 sessions

There's a series of articles being published to describe some of the sessions in YAPC::Asia 2009. Unfortunately, it's in Japanese only :/

Also, we are planning on selling more tickets on 8/21 10:00 (JST). Stay tuned!

Courses Update Dan Kogai's Course description is available!

Dan Kogai's Perl, Unicode, and AJAX course description is now available!

As publicized before, this is part of the 3-day Perl courses. Signup now!

Tickets sold out: Still accepting payments

Tickets are now sold out and the registration is closed. People who have registered, but have not paid yet can still pay and proceed with registrations, at least for a few days.

We're checking out to see if we can increase the seats (and sell more tickets). We will update once we figure out.

Unpaid users should pay right ASAP, unles you are a speaker, a volunteer staff or employees of our sponsors

Talks Schedule Update

We've reshuffled a few sessions. If you wanted to attend any of thse, please beware!

The following talks have been canceled:

The following talks have been re-scheduled: The following talk has been added:

Pre-YAPC mini conference with Yokohama.pm on 9/9

Yokohama.pm will be hosting this year's pre-YAPC mini conference on 9/9, at the same location as YAPC. We will have a talks ranging from 5 to 20 minutes. We will also be providing some drinks and light snacks for everybody!

This event is being held in part to encourage early check-in for YAPC: If you go through this early check-in, you will not need to check-in on the main YAPC dates.

All YAPC attendees are welcome to stop by, but we have limited capacity. If you would like to make sure you have a seat, please signup at the Yokohama.pm site. If you just want to do an early check-in, just stop by! There's also a small lounge, so you may hang around there.

Please see the Yokohama.pm site for further details.

(If you're a non-Japanese speaker and have trouble signing up, please contact yapc-team@perlassociation.org)

Links for the training courses have been fixed

The links on the training page were broken, but they have now been fixed. Please check them out!

Tickets now on sale!

Grab them while they are available!

(Note: If you're a speaker at the conference, or if you are a volunteering staff, you DO NOT need to purchase tickets)

Tickets will go on sale 8/7 10:00 am JST

We are planning on making the tickets for YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2009 available on 8/7 10:00 am JST. This time around we will have the following tickets available:

  • Regular Ticket : 5,000yen
  • Regular Ticket (JPA member discount) : 4500 yen
  • Academic Discount Ticket : 3,000 yen
  • Academic Discount Ticket (JPA member discount) : 2,500 yen
  • Regular Ticket + Courses Discount : 20,000 yen

All tickets will allow you to attend all of the sessions + you will get some novelties. The payment will be handled through PayPal.

On top of that, we're planning on having Shawn Moore (aka Sartak), John Napiorkowski, and Dan Kogai to give out courses after YAPC. They will do a 4-6 hour classes during 9/14-16. When you buy your Courses Discount ticket, you will get a discount of 20,000 yen for any of the courses provided.

Tickets usually sell out in les than a week. Don't miss your chance!

If you are a speaker, or is a volunteer staff, you do not need to buy your ticket.

The Schedule is up, and Call For Lightening Talks are now open!

We are pleased to announce the schedule for YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2009.

If you are a speaker, please make sure to check your talk details, and should you have any problems with the schedule, please let me know.

Also, Call For Lightening Talks are open! For this part, we don't really care what if it's about Perl or not :) Go wild! If you're submission is /really/ wild, you might want to consider presenting it at the pre-YAPC event -- if you want to do your presentation there, please leave a note on your submission.

The deadline will be 9/8, but we advise you to send them in early. Also If you're new to giving talks, Lightening Talks are a great starting point - come participate!

We're looking forward to seeing your talks!

Seeking More Participants for YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2009

We seem to have more spaces left for YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2009 sessions! We'd like another 10-15 more sessions, so we're making a second round of Call For Participation for YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2009.

20, or 40 minute time slots are available. This is the chance to tell the world how you use Perl, about tips, about tools that you've written. Also, subjects that are not directly related to Perl are still welcome, as long as it's also applicable for Perl. If you're interested but unsure about your particular subject matter, please feel free to consult with us at info at perlassociation.org.

The deadline for this round is 7/31 (JST). We're looking forward to seeing your proposals!

Deadline for Cal for Participation is tomorrow! (2009/7/17 JST)

Deadline for Call for participation for YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2009 is tomorrow, 2009/7/17 JST! Don't forget to submit your talks! Remember you can submit multiple talks :)

Design updated

The site's design has been updated, enjoy!

We're looking for YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2009 sponsors!

We're currently looking for sponsors for YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2009. YAPC::Asia is the world's largest YAPC, where Perl's most brilliant minds will converge from all over the world. This is your opportunity to increase visibility amongst these talents!

Minimum suggested sponsorship fee starts at 50,000 yen. Please email info@perlassociation.org for more details.

Call for Participation has started!

We're announcing Call For Participation and early registration today.

We are looking for 20 and 40 minutes presentations. Register the conference and submit your proposals via the web form (actual tickets will be sold later: this is for registering to the site).

Please make sure to include: title for your presentation, an abstract, what language of the talk will be in (English or Japanese), and the amount of time that you think you will need for the presentation. Feel free to submit multiple proposals if you want to increase your chance to speak.

The deadline for the submissions is July 17th, 2009.

Lightning Talks will be called for sometime in August.

YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2009 site is currently being worked on

YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2009 site is currently being worked on. We'll be updating through this news, and the Japan Perl Association blog

We're also looking for sponsors for YAPC, as well as bids for naming rights on each room. Please contact yapc-team@perlassociation.org if you're interested.


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